Reaching and Keeping At-Promise Youth

CIS Houston held 'cluster training' and received this workshop presentation on July 15, 2008.


Fiestas Patrias 2006

Radio interview with Alicia Alanis, KSBJ Radio in Houston, Texas [ksbj.org]. Our discussion related to the influence of Latin American cultures in the United States.


Speak!... Be Heard.


TNT Rambunctiousness

These are some of the Tab/XRD kids and local students hangin out at TNT (Tuesday Night Together)  

TNT BBall Layups

Some of the Basketball Champs from a local high school were on the flight deck this Tuesday Night!  


BCM StepTeam

This is a different file upload of the Part 3 of 3 segment in a larger AVI format

BCM StepTeam

Part 1 of 3

BCM StepTeam

Part 2 of 3

BCM StepTeam

Part 3 of 3


Follow the Son - CrossRoad Choir

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The youth of El Tabernaculo Assembly in Houston of prepared under the direction of Yvonne Cantu Espinosa to present an evening of singing, signing & rejoicing in the Spirit of the Christmas Story. Many of these teens are leaders in their own right within the CrossRoad Youth [refined by FIRE].

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2006 CrossRoad Youth Banquet

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On Saturday, December 15, 2006 the CrossRoad Youth Ministry appreciated their staff and volunteers.? At the end, Pastor J.C. Cantu recognized the contribution of Tony & Mayra Lara and all the committed members of the leadership team for CrossRoad Youth.

Pastor Cantu closes the banquet & award service with recognition of the leadership of Tony & Mayra Lara in the CrossRoad Youth [refined by FIRE].

Thanks again to everyone who came to make this event a wonderful expression of gratitude for all the committment of the youth of El Tabernaculo Assembly, Houston, TX

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Hurricane Prayer Request

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